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George of the jungle and beating the heat

July 18, 2013
George had his first job interview today. Description: eating crumbs off the floor.  Status: HIRED

George had his first job interview today. Description: eating crumbs off the floor. Status: HIRED

Georgie let me dress him up (just barley) for the first time today! I went to Petco and some how ended up in the cat isle they had these cute collars for $1.20 a piece! He is so stink’in cute right?! Well potty training is still not going very well, as it has been hot as HADES outside! Heatwave in Chicago for the next 2 days. I have no idea what to do with him when its so hot all he does is lay down and acts miserable out there. I was told by the sales associate at PetSmart to NOT use the pee pee pads in the house because he will be hard to break from them, but seeing as he hardly uses them besides ripping them to shredds I’m not worried of this addiction… Instead, he likes to use my dining room as his personal potty.

So I have taken my first shot at gardening. My mother-in-law, Sherry, is a wealth of knowledge she knows the names of almost everything and how to properly take care of the plant, flower, or bush. I just stare at her with my mouth open wondering how anyone invested all that time reading many books and magazine to retain all this knowledge. Now-a-days you type your question into google and BAM there it is! Half the time I forget these great ideas unless I put them on pinterest. So Sherry shared with me that Home Depot is on the best local places to buy plants as far as price goes, but online for seeds/plants local to our climate is the plants are a fraction of the price from the stores. I will be buying lilacs and some sort of hydrangia for sure. Problem is you have to have PATIENCE and wait! Uh! Oh! No! My goal this year is just to clean up and rip out all the weeds getting the ground ready for next year. I spent most of my day on July 4th ripping out the never-ending clover from the ground, pulling irises out, and running from bees and mosquitoes buzzing past my ear.

So far I planted hostas, astilbe, helum dwarf grass, some pretty annuals for color, dill, purple basil, sweet basil, 5 tomato plants and 1 pepper plant. If I can’t eat it or it is going to require a ton of work…. I’M OUT! So, we will see how these things grow or don’t. I have been using an epsom salt mixture (2 tablespoons of salt and the rest water in a spray bottle) and fish fertilizer which smells like DEATH, but its supposed to be great for the plants and tomatoes. Some water splashed up on my legs and when I came in the house George tried to eat me!

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